HARRI x Nemo: HARRI’s most momentous contribution to London Fashion Week yet

Jun 10, 2024Joshua Davies
HARRI x Nemo: HARRI’s most momentous contribution to London Fashion Week yet

‘Creating a spectacle of a person, disrespecting the status quo, elegantly disrupting the perception, a cult-like vision’

As a multidisciplinary artist, HARRI is both reflective and curious. He consistently considers new ways to design and create that will broaden our imagination and perceptions of the world, yet carefully convey his personal journey and inner thoughts. His maximalist, vivacious designs intersect avant-garde couture and artistic innovation, with a child-like euphoria that engages our attention, urging us to reconsider everything we know.

For his next instalment, HARRI knew he wanted to push forward in his mission to reinvent contemporary menswear, but was inspired by the sanctity of teamwork. He maintains that the company of HARRI was founded as an extension of the bond between him and his best friend Abhi; a shared platform to present their ideas to the world, driven by the importance of a greater purpose. Furthermore, he continuously credits his extraordinary team for the success of his endeavours. His next instalment needed to intersect all his aims: a rebellion against repressive expectations and a celebration of collaboration.

Therefore, in this new story that champions unity and scale, HARRI unleashed his most monumental showcase to date. Chapter 4, which summoned HARRI’s prized pillars of performance, movement and sculpture, was quite simply a magnificent spectacle. In place of a traditional runway or collection of garments, HARRI presented a singular piece to an audience in a colosseum-like theatre. The piece in question was the most technically sophisticated yet dynamic creation from HARRI; a true testament to his pursuit of innovation and celebration of unified efforts. And who better to adorn this piece than the code breaker and Eurovision 2024 Winner Nemo, who offered a magnetic performance of their song ‘The Code.’

Picture Credits: Cieran Jay Forster

The show started with the deflated dress and an array of sombre lighting, as the guests in the amphitheatre-like seats whispered and deliberated, curious about what was to come. After a speech from HARRI, Nemo was guided into the dress by HARRI and the team, accompanied by confused and intrigued whispers. Yet, as an orchestral symphony filled the room, everyone soon became silent as their attention was locked. Nemo’s voice echoed through the room, enchanting all of those who could hear, whilst the monumental dress inflated to the entirety of the stage. Nemo was armoured and ready, whilst we were rendered speechless by this exalting fusion of art and performance. 

The execution of tailoring the dress to the centre stage is what makes this design HARRI’s most distinctive.  HARRI and his team took inspiration from the almost divine aura of the room as well as its impressive size. The white walls and circular benches are reminiscent of a church, evoking a sense of inner tranquillity found in a spiritual sanctuary. Light ricochets from the lavish, high ceilings to the giant windows, offering just enough view of the outside world, reminding us of the infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered. 

 Picture Credits: Andrea Brandt

As a sculptor himself, HARRI reveres the calming and intrinsic nature of working by hand, ensuring every piece made at the brand is handmade by him and his accomplished artisans. This showcase took 6 pairs of hands, 300 seams, and over 300 hours to produce, from conception to completion: “This journey has been particularly unnerving, filled with questions and doubts about the final result.” Affirms HARRI. “However, I am intensely proud of our final result and honoured by the knowledge that this creation is the product of our collective effort, executed by my wonderful team.” 

And of course, the spectacle itself was made extraordinary with the help of Nemo, and their haunting rendition of their Eurovision winning piece “The Code”. This powerful song beautifully depicts their journey of embracing their non-binary identity, landing them the supreme title at Eurovision 2024. Their ability to hit soaring notes as the dress elevated around them created a truly remarkable performance, poignantly representing the beautiful new partnership between two creative powerhouses.

This show took maximalist proportions and groundbreaking design to unforeseen scales, representing the grandeur, talent, and zeal this artist and team has to offer. As per Dash Hudson, HARRI was the viral success of London Fashion Week 2024, becoming the brand with the largest Instagram follower growth and highest Instagram engagement, marking HARRI as a serious contender in the fashion sphere. Such a monumental achievement could not go without the support of some esteemed partners, including fabric sponsorship from Supatex, hair and makeup artistry from Adam Garland, Authentic Beauty Concept, Sadie Lauder and Tatcha; and the incomparable Royal Academy for offering their location and support in allowing us to create a truly momentous show.

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Cover Picture Credits: Rossella Damiani