Texture & Movement

In the realm of Chapter Three, Harri's artistry unfolds like a vivid tapestry, seamlessly weaving together the threads of fashion, performance art and sculpture to offer a fresh and mesmerising perspective on the 4D silhouette. Drawing inspiration from revered sculptors such as lsamu Noguchi and Peter Shelton, Harri elegantly treads the delicate line of contradiction, inviting us to glimpse the world through his visionary lens.

Within this chapter, HARRI artfully unites the 'body natural' with the 'body latex,' playfully expanding the contours of the human form. His wearable sculptures, born from the crucible of innovation, carry the wearer into realms where the ordinary dissolves into the extraordinary. This collection stands as the next thrilling chapter in HARRl's odyssey of exploring texture and form, redefining our understanding of artistic boundaries.

Harri's craft, a fusion of body, object and inner essence, conjures a 4D silhouette. Space-age hoops, draped in the timeless elegance of stone papyraceous fabric, gracefully emerge from the embrace of flared trousers. Noguchi's legacy echoes through Harri's work, as the fabric comes alive, paying homage to the sculptor's iconic fusion of form and function. Exemplifying seamless elegance, Harri's creative journey is a testament to precision and artisanship. Each pattern piece embodies a culmination of learned mastery and meticulous precision. And yet, the final creation radiates an inno­vative lightness, mirroring the grace inherent in Noguchi's transformative designs.

As the New Harvest Moon sets upon the evening sky, unity becomes the heartbeat of this collection. Chapter Three extends the graceful curvature of HARRl's inflatable cou­ ture through textured motifs and fluid circular movements, inviting us to explore fresh facets of self-perception and embrace the boundless possibilities of human expression.