Metamorphosis of Masculinity

Venture into the realm of creativity as HARRI's Spring Summer 23
collection story unveils—an audacious attempt to redefine the confines of male fashion. The human form metamorphoses into a vibrant canvas, and dimensions are reborn, steered by influences that traverse epochs and
invoke the spirit of defiance.

In this daring adventure, HARRI boldly steps forward to reinterpret the concept of masculine form. A blend of 80s and 90s flair collides with the voluminous neolithic representations from time immemorial, Michelangelo's timeless David, and Jean-Paul Goude's challenging
perspective. The monumental grandeur found in Bill Brandt's subjects and André Kertész’s distorted mirror nudes harmoniously intertwine within this variegated mosaic of thoughts.

The masculine form is a riddle yearning for metamorphosis. Welcome the introduction of buoyant pants, a hypnotic blend of 0.40mm latex and lively colors, devoid of zips or fastenings, inflating to their full potential as air meanders through an unrestricted outlet valve. A capricious emblem imprinted on tops draws inspiration from a static scene in an Axel Morin film, injecting a touch of lighthearted unruliness.

The essence of this collection is the genius control of evolving proportions. Advanced tailoring techniques enable clothing to ripple and arc, cradling the very aura that inflates them. Latex morphs into an animate presence, acceding to and exalting bodily cadences innate to our existence. HARRI's magic resides in metamorphosing a material associated with fetishism into personal fabric - a handiwork demanding intense effort that scorns automation. Just as sculptors find their expression in clay, HARRI's preferred medium is latex—a palpable representation of inventiveness.

Over the course of time, our understanding and appreciation of the human form have undergone numerous metamorphoses, reflecting an inherent versatility in perception. Amidst the era of polished Instagram portrayals, vestiges of age-old aesthetics resonate with a more vivid authenticity. The followers of HARRI transform into co-creators, bold enough to challenge conventions and reshape the dialogue surrounding apparel embodiment. This ensemble serves as a tribute to those audacious souls who courageously redefine guidelines and infuse vitality into fashion's perpetually changing tapestry