HARRI x Nemo: The Interview

Jun 25, 2024Joshua Davies
HARRI x Nemo: The Interview

Our most recent presentation at London Fashion Week was a fashion show like no other. Premiering Le Chapiteau to the world - a giant latex dress that required hundreds of hours of work and dedication between numerous artisans - HARRI’s fourth installment was his most technically challenging creation and most astounding spectacle. It was a presentation that transcended the boundaries of fashion, art and theatrics, complimented by a grand performance from Nemo that brought goosebumps to every spectator in the room.

Whilst it was HARRI and his esteemed team who worked tirelessly to bring Le Chapiteau to life, Nemo and their soaring high notes were the star who helped elevate their creation into higher realms. In this very special one-on-one interview with Nemo, we gain insight into their illustrious world, their inspiration and most important philosophies, as well as their decision to participate in such a pivotal showcase for our brand.

 Picture Credits: Rossella Damiani

Congratulations on your Eurovision win and the success of "The Code". How does it feel to have a song so personal to you recognised around the world?

Thank you

It feels very special to me to know that so many people connect so genuinely to a song that tells my story and it's beautiful to see how many people see their own story reflected in it.


How did it feel performing your song again for HARRI at London Fashion Week?

Working with HARRI has been so wonderful.

I felt connected to the dress from the first moment I saw it & knew that it would bring a new and very valuable perspective to the song and performance.


Were you anxious or excited? Any trepidations?

It was a bit of an unusual feeling to be performing standing still, because my natural style of performing involves a lot of movement. I felt very inspired by the limitation of that though.


How do you prepare for a live performance?

I do a vocal warm up, humming and I yawn one time before each performance.


How would you describe your personal style? Who and what inspires you in fashion?

I would say my style is a whimsical blend of pastels, mix & matching and colorful statement pieces, creating an imaginative and playful aesthetic with a modern twist.


HARRI is brand recognised for inflation and latex. Was this your first time wearing these mediums?

I‘ve worn some latex pieces at shoots before but never on my whole body. 


Could Le Chapiteau be the most extravagant outfit you have ever worn?

I didn’t even have to think for a second. Yes!


What is a big source of inspiration for you in your music?

Thinking about everything that’s been done before and the things that will never happen.


Le Chapiteau is a celebration of unity, a collaboration. What does unity look like for you?

Listening to each other.


The philosophy of Harri is to disrespect the status quo, to introduce new ways of being and seeing. How does this philosophy resonate with you?

The most important thing to me is to truly listen to myself. And if the thing I‘d truly like to do or the way I truly want to be feels right to me I will always put that over upholding the status quo.


What is your most important philosophy?

Radiating kindness.


What is your message that you wish to share to the world?

If you ever need an inflatable dress made out of latex, that’s half the size of a bus, or even bigger - Call HARRI.


  Picture Credits: Rossella Damiani (Left), Andrea Brandt (Right)

 We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Nemo and the team at Island Records for this personal interview and all their contributions to HARRI London.

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Cover Picture Credits: Rossella Damiani