HARRI London's SS24 Collection: A Revisit of ‘Movement & Texture’

May 20, 2024Joshua Davies
HARRI London's SS24 Collection: A Revisit of ‘Movement & Texture’

Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection, and debut at London Fashion Week, offered a truly immersive and mesmerising experience. MOVEMENT AND TEXTURE presented a bold spectacle for London Fashion Week attendees; a seamless fusion of performance, art, and cutting-edge fashion that incited both wonder and reflection among the audience. 

Inspired by the sculptor pioneers Isamu Noguchi and Peter Shelton, the collection echoes the natural textures of weathered stone while remaining true to HARRI London’s voyage into the limitless possibilities of the human form and style. The result is a profoundly unique offering that urges us to reconsider all that we know about shape, movement, and texture. As we prepare for our upcoming show in June, we invite you to revisit our iconic London Fashion Week show and gain insight into the inspiration that created our striking third instalment.

Opening the show to an assembly of flutes, Sarathy Korwar’s jazz fusion guides the first model into the spotlight, adorned in an all-white, latex spectacle with sleek, lubricated skin and hair. The piece is avant-garde yet otherworldly, an elegant blazer on top with a sculptured balloon skirt at the bottom. The proceeding looks are equally masterful, transitioning from skin-tight latex to exquisitely tailored pieces in a paper-esque, coated fabric.  

Each piece celebrates structure and challenges conventional perceptions of human proportion. The Akari trooper coat, presented in khaki green, exudes military elegance with its architectural needlework and sharp, engineered shoulders, while the circular, wide legged condom shorts and latex deflated trousers elongate the body, encompassing a playful touch that connects childhood nostalgia with fashion innovation.


In perhaps HARRI’s London’s most architecturally stunning, inflatable pieces to date, slicked-back dancers twist and flow to the musical genius of Sarathy Korwar to celebrate the unison between fashion and movement. The garments do not inhibit  motion but encourage it, propelling each dancer into one another with a limitless flow of energy. The performance is a harmonious collaboration; a combination of form, sound, movement, and texture that creates a fervently unique 4D silhouette.

After the celestial performance concludes, the dancers part ways, allowing for more proportion-bending, sculptural illusions to enter the runway before the final garment closes the show. The final look is delicate yet bold; a black silk shirt revealing a bare, gelled chest paired with HARRI’s staple balloon trousers, emboldened by the echoes of Noguchi and Shelton and their sculpture masterpieces.


As designer HARRI and the team are greeted with a standing ovation, it is evident that MOVEMENT AND TEXTURE is more than a collection of garments; it is a bold venture into unknown waters. Indeed, Peter Shelton and Isamu Noguchi’s artistic contribution is alive, but a mere guest in the background of HARRI’s supreme vision. The inflatable legacy of HARRI London evolves, boldening the natural curvature of the body with a reimagined approach to structure and shape. 

The collection embodied a captivating blend of powerful and ethereal beauty, highlighting the mesmerising synergy achieved when performance, sculpture and experimental textures combine.

All the pieces from SPRING / SUMMER 2024: MOVEMENT AND TEXTURE are now available from our online store. 

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