Behind the scenes: The Limo inflatable trousers

May 10, 2024Joshua Davies
Behind the scenes: The Limo inflatable trousers

The Limo inflatable trousers are simple yet unprecedented. Their sleek and modest design transcends seasonal trends, with their inflatable artistry marking these trousers as an intangible, unique approach to contemporary menswear. These latex trousers serve as one of HARRI’s most esteemed pieces, an original design that garnered critical acclaim and awe at his graduate fashion week, that has propelled both HARRI and his eponymous label into international recognition.

These trousers, available for purchase and bespoke customization, have encompassed various forms and identities since their first emergence. Some designs feature stripes and bright colours, while others have handles on the side to expand proportion. The signature design, however, encompasses a sleek and polished black appearance like a black limousine, leading to its fitting title.



As with all his designs, HARRI wishes to reinforce a strong feeling of personal identity and individuality among the wearer, but was curious how such a design would be perceived in a world saturated with repetition and obedience. When conceptualising a fitting location for these trousers, HARRI envisaged the dynasty of Burning Man, an iconic festival that serves as a gateway for freedom and emancipation from oppressive societal values. Even so, the exciting nature of these trousers does not confine them to a singular entity or location, as the Limo trousers can be worn by anyone, in any place and setting.

HARRI decided to adopt latex into the Limo trousers for several reasons. Latex possesses a beautiful appearance that is unrivalled by other fabrics, but its ability to accommodate multiple proportions is the most pertinent. Latex allows proportion manipulation in ways that other fabrics would simply prohibit. Moreover, its resilient nature means our latex wear is assembled entirely by hand. Craftsmanship by hand is of utmost importance; the process is therapeutic and calming, and ensures supreme quality and care. The decision to manipulate proportions, particularly in the Limo trousers, evolved from a humble moment with Kai, HARRI’s beloved dog, contemplating how the world would look from his lower vantage point.

Having come from a traditional tailoring background, the Limo trousers presented HARRI with an opportunity to expand his knowledge while being liberated from everything he had known. These trousers are personal to HARRI for two reasons: they were a viral sensation that has directed the brand towards global recognition and acclaim from industry stalwarts and publications. More significantly, these trousers have aided HARRI in expanding his creativity and going against the grain, allowing him to escape the traditional rules of tailoring, sizing, and production. These trousers are testament to the boundless opportunities of imagination that evolve when we liberate ourselves from traditional processes of thought.

 Model: Pratik Shetty(Left) & Alex (Right)

The fundamental aim of these trousers is for the wearer to embrace unconventionality. Wherever they go, the wearer should exude a sense of unique yet timeless style, embodying the role of the disruptor who pushes the boundaries of possibility. These ever-evolving trousers serve as a remarkable showcase for both the house and HARRI himself; our artisans tirelessly work to ensure these trousers evolve into their best versions, recently incorporating features like zips for enhanced comfort and utility. These unique trousers stand as evidence of the fusion of fashion and innovation, offering an opportunity to break boundaries and forge new paths. If you haven't explored these remarkable trousers yet, we invite you to discover them now.


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Cover Picture Credits: Felix Cooper for LOVE Magazine