How Tommy Cash was the future of Paris Fashion Week in HARRI London

Apr 15, 2024Joshua Davies
How Tommy Cash was the future of Paris Fashion Week in HARRI London

"I’m from the year 2050 and this is the most basic fit”

Tommy Cash is certainly no stranger to fashion disruption.

From astounding fashion week attendees with his depiction of a seafood restaurant (shellfish and candlestick in tow) to dividing critics with his contentious portrayal of a homeless man in his critique of ‘poverty chic’, the Estonian rapper has frequently sparked controversy while sitting front row at some of the biggest names in fashion.

Therefore, when attending the Vetements Fall/Winter 2024/2025 collection at Paris Fashion Week, it was no surprise that Tommy Cash caught attention once again in a piece that Tommy himself described as ‘the most basic fit’ for the year 2050; a piece that dramatically juxtaposed the sentimental streets of Paris, where he was photographed. Only this time, the design came from us.


Paris Fashion Week is a survival of the fittest; a battleground for the most prestigious and renowned names in the business. It is a week dedicated to showcasing the industry’s greatest talent and the genesis for next season’s latest trends. This year, many of the fashion glitterati posed in baggy denim and tailored suits, establishing a return to classic chic and street style, with many celebrities in the front row adorned in clear chiffon and translucent pieces. Tommy Cash, however, chose to walk in his own lane.

The trailblazer chose a signature HARRI London latex piece to represent sculpted proportions and latex artistry, setting a new precedent for sartorial elegance. The look is one of our most lauded and sacred: our iconic BLACK HOLE look comprising a Jacket, Limo Shorts, latex tights and boots, and the perfect accompaniment to complete any daytime look: a latex balloon dog. The rapper keeps his hair slicked back and tamed, allowing the fashion spectacle to speak for itself. No further accessories are needed.


The custom piece is expertly tailored to Cash’s body, illustrating our commitment to craftsmanship as well as innovative design. It was the House designer, HARRI, who conceptualised the look, enlightening us to a new perspective on the human form. An expert in latex-crafting himself, he, along with our house artisans, meticulously constructed the iconic look by hand over the course of several days - all at our base studio in London.


Tommy Cash patrolled the streets of Paris with unapologetic flair, and in doing so unveiled our audacious mission: to disrespect the status quo and unfold new ways of seeing oneself. 

Inspired by infinite possibilities and realities, we design to embolden the human form, and emphasise proportions in ways never before conceived. We are able to distort and exaggerate clothing through the use of inflatable design, allowing for modern and unprecedented ways of engineering fashion. Paired with the medium of latex, a highly durable material that moulds to the body like a second skin, our fashion stands proudly at the edge of creativity and ingenue that even in 2050, will be considered at the forefront of fashion innovation. 

The wearer of our garments is ambitious and powerful; they refuse to linger in the shadows. Our pieces challenge not only the perception of the human physique, but all realms of reality and possibility. The fluidity of our latex and the boldness of inflated design imposes no restrictions on movement or flow, enabling our wearer to navigate the world with grace and ease. Liberated from the ordinary, our wearer is anything but silent. They stand tall and proud, commanding attention wherever they go.

 Credits: Say Who / Ayka Lux

Like Tommy Cash, HARRI London is not here to simply exist; we are here to disrupt everything we once believed and pave a new way of seeing and being. We are honoured to have a visionary like Tommy Cash represent our brand - a pioneer who shares the vision and ethos we hold dearly. However, this is only the beginning of what this exciting fashion house has to offer.

Join us on a discovery of limitless possibility.

Tommy Cash’s look at Paris Fashion Week is available for purchase on our online store, alongside our Spring Summer 2024 collection which was seen at London Fashion Week last year.

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Cover Picture Credits: Say Who / Ayka Lux