Defying Norms and Embracing Identity: Sam Smith's Groundbreaking Latex Ensemble at the Brit Awards

Jul 13, 2023Karanveer Singh
Defying Norms and Embracing Identity: Sam Smith's Groundbreaking Latex Ensemble at the Brit Awards

At this year's Brit Awards, held within the grandeur of London's O2 Entertainment Complex, British artist Sam Smith made quite the impression on the red carpet. Smith turned heads in a custom-made latex ensemble commissioned from HARRI, a fashion house rooted in London's vibrant design scene. The attire was noteworthy not only for its daring concept but also its potent symbolism.

Sam Smith challenged conventional fashion standards by stepping out in an all-black latex piece that could hardly fit into traditional couture categories. This daring creation is the brainchild of Harikrishnan Keezhathil Surendran Pillai — fondly known as HARRI— who serves as the founder of eponymous brand HARRI. The outfit evoked interest with its oversized high neck, sleeves, and legs - features elaborately exaggerated to question accepted ideas surrounding body forms. With such a statement-making look presented at one of music’s biggest nights globally, it was clear that Sam Smith wasn't just following trends; they were setting them!

The partnership between Sam Smith, HARRI, and the stylist extraordinaire Ben Rearden transcended the realm of mere fashion; it served as a daring declaration of body acceptance and individuality. Amidst disparagement and cynical views towards their physique and gender, this attire was designed to embrace an unrestricted exploration of body dimensions. The chosen ensemble became Smith's counter-argument against spiteful remarks, enabling them to reassert their identity while parading their native silhouette with pride.


"The blueprint of the design bore witness to HARRI’s imaginative foresight. The attire showcased an amplified contour that boldly defied fashion norms. The scrupulously fashioned latex masterpiece was a modification of HARRI’s signature vase outline, reimagined and scrutinised in all facets. Assembled from nearly 80 manually sliced panels and meticulously crafted over an intensive 96-hour period, the ensemble's distinct form emerged from exactitude and artistic commitment."

Each detail of Smith's latex attire showcased a signature of painstaking artistry. Crafted with exactitude and attention, the set was born from the highest grade iconic black latex supplied by their partner, SUPATEX (Four D Rubber). The commitment to excellence and nuance shone through in how the outfit was put together, mirroring the quintessence of both the creative mind behind it and its visionary designer.

The spectacle of Sam Smith adorned in HARRI's latex masterpiece at the Brit Awards transcended mere red-carpet aesthetics, evolving into a powerful assertion of autonomy, self-articulation, and rebel spirit. This alliance symbolised HARRI's unwavering dedication to defying conventions and saluting the uniqueness each individual possesses. Their partnership found its ideal manifestation, striking a chord with those who perceive fashion as an expressive canvas for identity and artistry. It serves as an indelible reminder that fashion surpasses mere cloth boundaries; it is not only an influential mode of dialogue but also a pathway to question established norms.

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